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Default Re: Roger Daltry is Ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Mark Ahle View Post
Forget the spelling ... Get off my back!
Mark, the purpose of this forum is to communicate about drums. Spelling is fundamental to effective communication. Therefore, if someone has problems with spelling, their communication is less than effective and some members of this forum will not take them seriously.

Use this as a learning lesson so that you can improve your written communication. Your effort in this endeavour will pay dividends here and in other aspects of your life.

I am a terrible speller and was given a t-shirt that had "Bad spellers of the world untie!" on it. In my first year of university, I submitted a paper and it was returned with more red ink than my black type; this was an eye opener for me. I then made a conscious effort to improve my written communication.

Best wishes


p.s. I think Led Zeppelin is pretty awesome!
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