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Default Re: Pop Music in General

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Atleast with drummers most of the time...but still I hate the musical colour of pop music, just terrible.

Maybe 'cause i'm a prog rock/prog metal fan, but hey...I don't think there would be many drummers on that would enjoy pop music.
BD, I had all of Crimmo's albums up to 1974 before you were gleam in your father's eye :-P

Yet I enjoy lots of pop music. I was mad keen on Sgt Pepper in the late 60s and always enjoyed (at least some of) the sweet melodies on offer. I went through a metal phase (Deep Purple and Black Sabs, which was metal back then) and later discovered blues, RnB, soul, Motown, prog, jazz, fusion, ambience.

I never reject music by genre. I even like some country songs and grew to enjoy classical music in my 40s. I don't judge people by type either - by colour, race, creed, sexuality, politics or whatever. There's interest to be found in all arenas and also boredom IMO
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