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Originally Posted by Breadmonkey
1) Fair enough, but it highlights his personality that he cares more about how much money he gets than how good his drumming sounds.

2) No i'm not saying he's a perfectionist, i'm saying he's not very good.

3) perhaps it is news to you, but the vast majority of drummers that i've met and talked to in Ireland, even the metallica fans or metal guys, don't like him or his drumming

4) I don't like the music admittedly, but i never mentioned the music I was referring to drumming only
1. You might want to do a Google search for a personality forum. This is a drumming forum.

2. 30 takes to get it to the point that he's satisfied with it makes him a perfectionist. If you personally feel that his live playing doesn't live up to his studio work, then that just means you like his studio work better. I'm sure he'd appreciate the compliment.

3. The majority of Irish drummers that you've personally met don't like his drumming? Now that's an interesting statistic.

4. You found the drumming on the black album to be his best? Again, I'm sure that he'd appreciate the compliment.

Note: the majority of Mexican sheepherders that I have personally had to my house for tea think that ad hominem attacks against drummers have no place on DrummerWorld.
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