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Default Limited Edition Tama Warlord Masai Kit.

Hello y'all, This is my pride and joy, my Limited Edition Tama Warlord Masai Kit, which I nick named "The Masai Monster"

Only 100 of these have been made and out of those 100, only 3 are in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver and My house). They are 100% Bubinga Shell with a Quilted Bubinga outer ply in African Twilight Finish with Antique Black finish Hardware and Black Diamond (Jet Black) crystal in every lug. These pictures do not do it justice, to truly appreciate them you'd have to see them in person ;)

Bass Drum 9ply/8mm
Snare 12ply/10mm
Toms 9ply/7mm

Drums: Tama Warlord Masai
-22"x18" Kick Drum
-14"x6" Snare Drum
-8"x7" Rack Tom
-10"x8" Rack Tom
-12"x9" Rack Tom
-14"x12" Floor Tom
-16"x14" Floor Tom
-280mm Octoban
-301mm Octoban

-Zildjian A Custom/Z Custom Hats 13"
-Zildjian K Hats 13"
-Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21"
-Stagg Chime 6"
-Sabian Max Stax 8"
-Wuhan Chinese 16"
-Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 17"
-Zildjian A Custom Crash 16" (my favourite, but unfortunately cracked)
-Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 18"
-Wuhan Chinese 12"
-Zildjian Oriental China Trash 16"

-Pearl Icon Curved Rack (Used by Virgil Donati during his clinic in Edmonton June 09')
-Pearl Remote Cable HiHat Stand
-Tama Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hihat Stand
-Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedals
-Tama Roadpro Omni-Ball Snare Stand
-Tama Short Tom Arms (x3)
-Pearl CH1000 Cymbal Arms (x8)
-Pearl PCX100 Clamp (x9)
-Pearl PCX200 Clamp (x1)
-Pearl UX80 Extension (great for Remote Cable hihat)
-Tama 2 Piece Octoban Stand
-Vater Drink Holder (favourite piece of hardware)
-Tama Wide Rider Trio Cloth Top Throne

-Vic Firth American Classic 3A Sticks
-Vic Firth American Classic 2B Nylon Tip Sticks
-Pro-Mark Hot Rods
-Vic Firth SD6 Swizzle Mallet/Stick
-Vic Firth Alex Acuna Conquistador Timbale Sticks
-Pro-Mark Brushes

I'd love to get some feed back on my set up!
I haven't gotten around to recording any sound clips yet, but i do have a video on youtube playing a cover with my kit all mic'd up.

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Come give us a listen

and a like

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