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Its kool people know alot about this guy! Hes my fave drummer easily because i drum very much like him ha :).
jus few questions thoe, i always thort he had a 24" X 18" bass drum, but ive recently bin doing alot of research into his kit because im interested in gettin a series kit and other websites are telling me tht he has a 22" X 16" inch bass drum. I would just think there making it up and guesin but there solid websites which may have got the info from premier or him. Where did u lot find out about his bass drum being 24"?
Owhh and also everywhere ses that he has a 13" X 8" rack tom, but there not in the specs on the premier webpage, altho they have prbly made that for him sepcially, jus like his white kit because its actually white "sparkle" and they do not sell that.
Would alos be very nice if anyone new a dealer who could get me the sizes of series drums i would like?

Thanks guys
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