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Default Re: Pop Music in General

You listen to some of these artists like Jason Mraz or Katy Perry and ask, really what is there not to like. Then you have artists like Alicia Keys, John Legend or John Mayer and they are pretty good song writers. There are some great bands putting out great albums: Radiohead, Muse, Three Doors Down, The Roots. And I even like Coldplay, always did. Used to go see them when they played the clubs. I don't listen to them anymore but it's good pop. You have these prog bands like Dream Theater, Mars Volta and Porcupine Tree that have been putting out quality albums, some for two decades, and are still largely under the radar.
Pop music is a very untalented and crap sounding general style. It is a style based around conformity and making catchy and repetitive me it sound like crap.'s the stuff that The Man and MTV want you to listen to, so someone ends up making loads of money.

And I even like Coldplay
...Those plagiarisers...

...more like experimental rock, and I don't see many pop songs written in 10/4.

...what I like about prog *insert style* acts is that they take some time to make good works and really using their skill and in that production process they make really good sounding music...

an example here, quote of Hagstrom from Meshuggah: "it doesn’t really matter if something is hard to play or not. The thing is, what does it do to your mind when you listen to it? Where does it take you?".

To me, that's what music should be about.
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