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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

Hey Cliff, what a pleasure it was to meet you! ( And the great MR. Anthony Jackson. : )

And even more to see & hear you play. I know you guys were sleep-deprived and frustrated with gig/management/sound issues, but man, out there in the audience the show exploded with a bang. There was a real buzz about this gig already, and people got more than their monies worth, and left the theater gasping!

I split my time between NYC and India, and next time you come by this way lemme know in advance.. If I'm here, I would love to set up some more gigs for you guys out here. Lots of takers for this music.. clubs & audiences..( gigs/music festivals season is Nov thru March )

Thank you again for some awesome music and I have to say that you are taking the drum kit to whole different level. The inventiveness, the power and the groove all working together was mind blowing to experience!

Safe flight home.


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