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Default Re: Show us your tiny kits

Hi Polly
I just got this one. Tama STAGESTAR, It's an older one as far as I can tell. Im trying to find out what year it is.
14x18 bass
8x10, 8x12, rack toms
12x14 floor tom
5x13 steel snare
I haven't replaced the stock dented heads from the novice player that owned it yet. I ordered them.
I haven't had time to clean/shine it. When I change the heads I'll detail it.
I made a 2" riser for the 18" bass drum. It works great!

The kit is in great condition. It will polish up like new.

It sounds and plays excellent! Great tuning range. I can't wait until the Aquarian SK II and the black Tama logo heads arrive for the bass drum along with the new Aquarian Studio-X coated single ply tom heads.

Update; the last 4 pics are with the new heads installed and the kit cleaned up.
I put Aquarian Studio-X Coated heads on the tom batters and SuperKick II on the bass along with a Tama black logo head.
Im lovin this kit! It sounds wonderful! I really like the tone of the toms and the 18" bass. I read that this was a desirable low end kit because of its sound, but I never realized just how good that it would sound! I have played drum kits that cost tree times as much that didn't sound as good. If you find a Tama Stagestar, Buy It!
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I kind of like old drums:)

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