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Well, I have a large callus on the inside of my thumb (the bone in the middle) that's built up over the years. I haven't exactly had the experience you're having but I might have a few suggestions that might help.

First off, I tend to prefer triple flanged hoops (or wood) to die cast. Although I have several drums in my collection with die cast, I do think triple flange opens the drum up a bit and it's a little softer to the touch. Maple sticks---like my Pro Mark SD 330W model--has less "stick shock" and again is a little softer to the touch. Maybe try a combo of Maple sticks and triple flanged hoops and see if that helps cut down on the sensation you're experiencing. Then you should examine your stroke in a mirror and/or video tape yourself playing. Try to see if there is anything peculiar with your stroke.

Playing trad grip in a hard hitting rock setting can cause some interesting situations---and you'll notice the tape job I do from the "day on the road" section of my DVD. That helps too.

OK, man. I wish you luck and hope I've helped in some way.


Also---to anyone in these cities---I have a couple clinics coming up! Come say hello.

Date: *Dec 2nd
Location: (4219) UpTown Music 3827 River Rd. N. Keizer Or 97303

Date: **Dec 3rd
Location: (2771) Gelb Music *722 El Camino Real Redwood City CA 94063

Date: Dec 5th
Location: Skips Music 2740 Auburn BLVD Sacramento *CA, 95821

Date: Dec 14th
Alpha Music
3234 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Start time is 6:30pm
Tickets are $10
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