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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

No, keep going, Wy. It's enthralling. All of it :)

You reminded me of a couple more disasters:

1. Playing at a party. A smallish lounge room with too many people and they are dancing through the band - there was zero separation. Some drunks fell over my hihat stand mid-song and cracked the top cymbal right around the bell. Not happy Jan. A couple were pashing off behind me (at least they weren't having sex). A weird night.

2. Playing a residency. The night before we finished polishing up a new original. It had three major parts to it that cycled around. For some reason, that night our followers weren't there and the audience sans familiar faces didn't seem keen. In the break we ducked out to have a smoke. It was stronger than we expected.

Returned pie-eyed and launched into the new song. It was going well until we reached a point where the bassist, guitarist and I each went into a different section of the song.

It broke down to the point where it had to stop. Everyone cracked up, including us. We tried again and there were rousing cheers when we finished it without mishap.

The gig raged after that. The world is a crazy place :)
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