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TITLE: Show Drumming (Book & CD) also the DVD
AUTHOR: Ed Shaughnessy & Clem DeRosa
PUBLISHER: Hal Leonard
RATING: (same as for DVD) ****
COMMENTS: A great combination of a book/cd that has the charts on the DVD "Time, Taste,Technique,Timber."

I'm really enjoying studying this material for intermediate level players and bandleaders alike.
Ed is a great Big-Band dummer and clinician who can explain concepts and techniques with authority and clarity of thought. The charts are written in a typical style that's seen in a lot of books for shows and musicals. The DVD features Ed explaining the musical considerations and techniques for each of the charts that are performed by a live Big-Band.

Highly recommended for high-school stage band or anyone wanting to learn these various styles from one of the best all around drummers there is.
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