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you're exactly right - you cant compare their skill. nor can you compare any other drummers' skill. i mean, these two guys are in the same genre, and they're completely different - so how do all these guys come in and say that travis sucks compared to other great drummers? that's really more of the point i was trying to make.

to clarify, i never said travis was better - i just said he does more. there is more evidence of skill in what travis does in his music, but that doesnt even say anything for skill. i play myself, and playing with music is completely different than playing solos. so who's to say? but i do enjoy what travis does more than tre, and i think that has a lot to do with how original everything is that travis does. another point, again - he came up with all that on his own. copying it isnt too bad, but making it up? that is skill. and like raz said, being able to teach that to others is something to be highly noted, too.

and i could swear there are two songs out from plus 44. i dont know if it's true - i mean i got it off the internet, so who knows? there's the one "no it's not" but isnt there also "everything is alright" or something? or was that blink?

it seems im all about long posts...
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