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A few things I want to say. I think that most musicians want to be the best they can, understandably of course. but that doesnt mean everyone has to be that way. Lars can play drums, let him. Just because he isnt the best metal drummer or even among the best that really doesnt make him a bad drummer. As for his personality I'd like to point out that you really cant judge a person on what you read or see on the TV. Also his personality should not be of any importance to us, we are music fans and not his friends or colleagues.

On the metallica front, which has come up, I heartily disagree that they have done nothing good since the black album. There are plenty of great songs on Load and I think Garage Inc and S & M are both really good too. I agree that they have lost their way however. Their lives are so incredibly different from how they were before they were rich, I think they need to stop trying to write music they would've written and write music that they want to write.
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