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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Just picked these up off Ebay. They were supposed to be from the 1980's, but the seller was mislead by the person he bought them from originally. They're actually from about 96-97 based on the 55xxx serial number (something in the 80's after 1983 would be lower 5 digits, before 1983 would be 6 digits).

But regardless, it's my holy grail dream kit..I've been looking for this kit for years. It might be a later kit than I thought but it still has Jasper shells which Gretsch no longer uses except in limited runs every now and then from their stockpile.

Pearl Sensitone Aluminum 5x14. I have a 6.5x14 Vaughncraft Curly Movingui (pictured) coming on Monday as well

All the drums (except the snare) have internal tone controls, but I'm only using the Pratt muffler on the bass and very sparingly using the tone control on the floor tom to help it balance more with the tom.

Cymbals are Bosphorus, 13" Masters Hats, 18" Traditonal Med-Thin Crash, 20" Traditional Med-Thin Ride

DW Flat Base Cymbal & Snare Stands with DW Boom/Clamp, one of the new Yamaha Belt Drive Pedals (forget the model), and a Yamaha 750 Series Hi-hat.

Coated Ambassadors on the toms and bass batter, Fiberskyns on the snare batter and bass reso, Renaissance Ambassador on snare side.
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