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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd

How did the Jonesboro, AR - gig go? Great I bet...I wish I could make it to one of your appearances. Unfortunately this one e.g. is ....let's see ...some 6,200 miles from my place ;) ...

An unusual question, Todd (you know me):
See I've been playing tradional grip for almost 4 years now. Saw Steve Ferrone utilizing it and instantly fell in love with the concept. I've gotten so much out of it - and then you play it too...great! I like the feel of playing trad. especially because I don't think of the human body as being axis-symmetric. Both sides work differently and thus have to be tought and practiced seperatly. You know that. Now...Lately my proverbial left side seems to play a little trick on me. I play the snaredrum flat. Mastercast hoops (not sure if that got anything to do with it). Ok let's say I play (or at least try to) some Styx-tracks. I hit the rim hard with my left hand. Right? I end up with pain in the first bone of my left thumb (see attached pic). Almost a contusion of sorts.

Do you (now finally the question) have any experience with that kind of problem?
I'm pretty sure I hold the sticks right. I don't know. Also seems like it ONLY starts to ache when I play hickory sticks. I believe they are more rigid and somehow feed more of the rim-blast directly up into my forearm. Sound ridiculous?

Sorry, Todd about my rambling. I figured there's not so much to read on this thread lately, so...:) honestly....I really really love to play along "Lorelei"....but's starting to hurt!!

Thanks, always
cheers from Bavaria

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