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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

I'm sure I've written this before but, here goes:

First gig. The kit was a horrible trax kit. The hi-hat stand refused to open and the toms where a mile high. I enden up dropping sticks 2 times per tune, and I was ofcourse furios. We had two gigs that day(in the same place) so I tore off the toms and played with snare, bassdrum, ride and closed hihat.

Another time was when me and my old band were playing in this talent contest, and we played U2 with Elevation. During the song our guitarist broke all strings but four, and had to play the solo on those. It sounded weird to say the least, but we won the competition(this was semi-finals) and moved on.

Thats about it. Guess I've been lucky.
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