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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

I will have to compete on the basis of quantity rather than quality, but I'll see what I can come up with...

Once I was doing an outdoor gig and I had a rare slot to do a solo, but right at the end of the song that led into it my bass beater flew off and I had to crawl around on the floor under my kit trying to find where this thing had gone while the rest of the band kept everything going. Fortunately I found it.

The same thing happened at a battle of the bands that another band of mine was in. We had got through to the final two, and had to play one last time, but this time the beater fell off at the beginning of the song. I could hardly stop the song halfway through, so I had to play the song with no bass drum. Naturally we came second.

Another time, the second gig I did with my current band Sorcerer's Spell, my shoelace on my right shoe got hooked around the beater on the left bass beater, meaning that if I used the left pedal my foot got yanked forward.

...and another time, using someone else's bass pedal, the beater fell off no less than three times during a half-hour set, having already fallen off once during the soundcheck. I had to stop two songs and go and explain to the audience what was going on.

I played at a festival once where we did a brand new song we'd only written days previously. I tend to rely on guitar and vocals for cues, but the engineer had given me a foldback mix that consisted of bass guitar only. Consequently I missed a cue to come in halfway through a song and had to come in four bars late and make it look deliberate.

I did a gig once as part of a three-piece where we had to set up on a stage about the size of a drum kit with a leaking radiator on one side of it. We'd had to borrow a PA to do the gig because the pub didn't have one, the only people who were in the pub were people we'd brought with us, and the landlord's parting words to us afterwards were "you'll get there".

I'm sure there's been more than that, maybe I'll post more as I remember them.
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