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Default Re: What do you use to move your drums? (Vehicle wise)

my band has a ford e-150 conversion van that takes my drums to most of my gigs. We have 4 captians chairs, and we can fit the half stack, bass rig, two mains, two monitors, 4 piece drumset (24" kick) hardware case, 4 rubbermaid tubs of merch, fiddle amp, mic stands, guitar, bass, and luggage!

I drive a toyota tacoma (the newer kind) extended cab (not the 4 door though) and I can fit my whole drumset minus hardware in the cab and passenger seat if I have to, and only put my hardware case in the back of the truck. I can lock the case down to the bed if I have to leave it over night. I usually throw the kick in the back so I can take a passenger, and throw it in the front if I have to leave the truck (like to go eat somewhere or something)

I used to have a mazda 3 hatch back, and that was a cool car and you can fold the seats down and fit a whole drumset in the back and still have room for a passenger. It somehow managed to shake the "station wagon" look and still look cool.
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