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Default Re: Contracts for The Pros

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
You can spend only $300 on advertising and attract 1000 people into a $300 venue? Wow, you're good!

As for what the band does with what they net from a particular gig, assuming it's a touring band (and I don't know any local bands that bring in 1000 people on a neighborhood gig) there are the travel and salary expenses I described above. There's not always much leftover for the bandmates to split. The only way they really make money is volume... repeating the nightly net by playing 5-6 nights week for several weeks or months.

the venue is actually free rent, they keep all of the bar sales, you just have to hire security for $300 dollars and bring in 100% of the sound, they have no p.a. This venue still has the same deal right now. $300 advertising is easy if you do a few shows a week and can split the cost of advertising over a few shows (buying a weekly calendar spot in the local paper) alot of these shows did not need the advertising anyways. most of the ad budget went to making silkscreened posters for collectors.

I did say 1000 to try to make the math easier, but we did have sell out shows at 1000 capacity pretty often. We also did shows at a smaller venue with $100 rent including sound for a 300 capacity hall.

these are some of the bigger bands we booked, (granted this was 5 years ago some of these bands are bigger now) deathcab for cutie, ben kweller, fugazi, taking back sunday, coheed and cambria, rise against, take action tour, explosions in the sky, m.c. chris, etc.
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