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Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
I think Phil (Rudd) does the job - and He does it dead right for AC/DC or Accadacca (real Aussie term). Must be the reason, why He is Back In Black Ice...and harder than a rock!

Can't shoot, root or electrocute that guy, He is made for AC/DC.

Did I say it right, Pollyanna?....:-)
Yep, that was a solid effort, Ian :)

When I was young I thought you HAD to play all sorts of exciting things and it annoyed me that drummers like Phil could just chug along could be so successful. I put it down to hype. Many tyears later I realise it wasn't hype, it was his great sense of time and groove. Plus his single minded interest in playing the song rather than pleasuring himself.

That's all a drummer needs to be successful. If they can bring something else to the table - dynamics, feel, imagination, originality etc - that's a bonus. Not that you need those things in Accadacca :)

So Phil's playing fills, eh? Hmm, sounds like the lad's getting a bit carried away ...
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