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Default Re: Contracts for The Pros

Originally Posted by mcbike View Post
I used to be a promoter, and the "artist" or "artist" representative actually takes home alot of money, what they do with it is another question.

Costs of the show:
Rent = $300 (including security)
Advertising = $300
You can spend only $300 on advertising and attract 1000 people into a $300 venue? Wow, you're good!

As for what the band does with what they net from a particular gig, assuming it's a touring band (and I don't know any local bands that bring in 1000 people on a neighborhood gig) there are the travel and salary expenses I described above. There's not always much leftover for the bandmates to split. The only way they really make money is volume... repeating the nightly net by playing 5-6 nights week for several weeks or months.

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