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Default Re: What do you use to move your drums? (Vehicle wise)

On the serious side. We had a renovated school bus. We had 6 rows of seats near the front and pulled the rest out. Serious equipment back then. Plenty of space to cary it around.

When I got out of high school and had the 8 piece rogers set, I had a Ford Pinto Wagon and everything fit. No passengers!

Now I am deciding.
I am thinking about making a set of road (flight) cases. I have the Catalina's by Gretsch. The Red ones. They are beautiful. Usually I am not a guy that worries about scratches etc, but I think these drums can get ugly real quick without proper protection. I am hoping to be up to gigging in a few months so I need to start thinking about this now.

Plan on buying a Toyota Tacoma (sorry bonzolead) pickup after the first of the year..
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