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Default Re: What do you use to move your drums? (Vehicle wise)

Originally Posted by matt949 View Post
i used to have a GMC safari which was the bee's freakin' knees. It was wonderful on space casue you could remove the back benches easily and it got about 18 city mpg and maybe 24 highway? i know its not terribly great but you can pick them up (or the exact duplicate the chevy astro) for like 2500 tops
Those Safari & Astro vans are a great gig vehicle you can get a lot of gear in them my bass player has one with awd that is great in the snow.

I have a 2003 monte carlo I can get my whole kit & my wife in there and go anywhere @ 29 mpg.

All I drive are Chevrolet's being from Detroit I don't. consider anything else except GMC,Buick,Cadillac, you get my drift.

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