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Default Matt Smith Update.


This is just an update to report that things are going very well here in Europe. As some know I spent time here when I was 12-14, and after some thought I decided to leave the States for a time and tighten up away from the main scenes. I felt I would have far more opportunities than I have back home, where I have trouble even getting into venues because of my age.

I am mainly based in Bucharest where I work a great deal in the club scene, especially the two primary jazz clubs. But I work with a number of groups as far west as Belgrade, Prague, Budapest and Berlin. I was also fortunate to hook on to numerous jazz festivals and got to serve drummer duties for great artists that I had always previously enjoyed as a listener. Some of the gigs were a little pressure packed, but I enjoyed it. Next month I will start TV pit work for a game show and a variety program, while gigging and rehearsing with new projects at night.

I didn't really want to come around to debate aesthetic drum issues as much as to simply report on how things were going.

See you,

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