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Default Re: Contracts for The Pros

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
I've read several accounts of bands actually loosing money as the result of touring or at least from sections of the tour. From memory, The Stones and G'n'R may have fallen victim to it can happen to big acts too.

Clearly it ain't always beer and skittles.
It's possible to lose money at any level, just as it's possible to make profits at any level.

Labels often financed tours in the name of promoting the artist's album, but those advances were always recupable and artists and the bandmembers were sometimes lucky to keep their salaries. Whether they still do that for any of the signed acts is a good question, and it's a safe bet that the upcoming bands who revile labels are going to have an interesting time when it comes to things like making music videos, and getting meaningful radio play.

But, that's another discussion.

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