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Default Re: Contracts for The Pros

stuff like this has always interested me a lot. I often think how much money is this band that I'm seeing tonight, that is playing to a crowd of 20,000, making?

I know this is getting a little personal but could anyone that is pro offer some numbers?

for example I saw blink 182 a few weeks back and they brought a crowd of around 20,000 people to the Charlotte NC, Arena. lets just say for simplicity's sake that each ticket was a cool $20. (20,000 people X $20 ticket price) = $400,000. Now i know some tickets will be like $60+ for VIP and pit seats, but how much of that assumed $400,000 would Blink 182 take home?

I also know there is some merchandise profits made at shows by the band. Do any pro drummer have examples of how much their band made at a particular show just on merch?

Thanks to all!
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