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Default Re: Worst Gig Experiences?

Not really the worst gig experience but our bass player set up this gig at a bar in a 'small' town' we'll leave it at that...

We drive the hour or so to get there and play to about 20 people as the usual crowd all know each other and one of them has a birthday party or something so they are not in that night.

Halfway through the set the local drunk is staggering all over the place- he get over to one of our PA speaker stands falls over pushing on the speaker so that the stand its on snaps in half and the speaker luckily falls onto a covered pool table.

He then preceeds to stand up and stagger away again the pisses himself and gets himself thrown from the premises.

SO all in all it was a terrible gig however they did pay the agreed $300 even for 20 people in there and we had or guitarist fix the stand from parts from his work- so all in all- an experience learned
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