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Default Re: What do you use to move your drums? (Vehicle wise)

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I've been very pleased with my '93 Toyota T-100, which was the first 'small' truck with a full-size bed, and with almost 190k, it still runs like new.

I've considered what to replace it with when the time comes, and I'd definitely stick with a cargo-type vehicle for a few reasons. Loading drums is very easy (as opposed to weaseling them in/out of a sedan,) you can generally fit more things into a large open space (than the nooks & crannies of a sedan or minivan with seating,) and ease of moving other items (sofas, file cabinets, dog kennels, boxed items, etc.) is a real plus.

The only possible drawback on many models is that they're 2-seaters (and getting a 4-seat truck reduces cargo space, so that's not an option,) but we also have a Camry for taking friends around. But whenever I question whether to stick with a utility vehicle for my use, I always have to answer 'yes'.

Yeah, I agree a truck probably is the best option. I just hesitate to do that because when you have a truck, everyone has a truck if you know what I mean......."Hey you have a truck right?...." FAVORS
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