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Default Re: Show off your Yamahas!

Ok so I posted this thread 10 months ago..... probably not doing that right- but couldnt find a link button .

10 months on and I am surprised on the evolution of my Stage Custom- I figured I loved my kit and thought I would post updated pics!

So since the last post there is now a 10 inch tom that came as a very nice clear wood grain. i had to stain that to match the rest of the kit.

Snare is now a late 70's Acrolite that was pieced back together from various parts over many months.

Gone are some cymbals and have been replaced by Dream Bliss hi-hats and ride

Plus I converted my 14inch suspended tom to tom with legs.

For once I was able to take a picture and get the nice green wood grain that my kit is made from- every other picture I ever take they just look black! :(

So the whole kit is:

Stage Custom
toms ( all with coated Remo Emps)
10 inch
12 inch
20 or 22 inch bass (sorry cant remember at the moment)
1970's Acrolite snare with Evans with reverse dot

14in Dream bliss hi-hats
21inch Dream bliss ride
18 inch Zlijian Think crash
18 inch Ziljian Rock crash

not in picture
21 inch Paiste 3000 Power Ride

Yamaha Cymbal Stands
Tama Road-Pro hihat stand
Ludwig Snare stand
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