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Phil isn't a Mike Portnoy, a Danny Carey, a Stewart Copeland, a George Kollias, or a Sumus Paulicelli but what he can do with that moneybeat is something that frustrates many chop-heavy drummers to the core with it's simple solid yet dynamic and flowing "feel".

Phil spells solid with Das Capital "S", he must like sit down for 8 hours a day (straight) and play that groove to a moneybeat like a machine, no wonder he gets the gigs.

For some reason ACDC sounded best when they had Bon Scott and Phil Rudd, lose them both and they were crap, when they got Phil again they sounded good, I reckon Phil Rudd atleast had a say when it comes to their song production. Listen to the Black Ice album, I've actually notice his drumming has improved over years...

...remember, there are good drummers who are solid and creative and with mind blowing chops but...they just don't play drums for ACDC and usually aren't as solid as Phil if you graphed their timing in relation to a click.

I reckon Phil Rudd is a good drummer, if he had the space in a song to solo and go "Portnoy-esque" he would, but he would leave atleast some space, it would be solid and wouldn't just be a dissonant wall of sound neither would it be poly-rhythymic clockwork piece like Virgil, but hey we all have our own musical tastes, and Phil Rudd isn't aiming to be a star, that just shows his sort of devotion to his art.
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