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Default Re: Help with an academic issue

Originally Posted by Zabour Amtik View Post
Hey all.

I'm currently a sophomore in college, and am currently a journalism and anthropology double major. However, i've currently been thinking about dropping journalism and going to grad school to be a professor in anthropology. I really wouldnt be losing anything at al credit-wise should I drop journalism.

Some people ive talked to said this seems like a decent idea. But one of my friends sad that I should stay with the double major, in case anything happens where i dont go to grad school for anthropology, ill at least have a bachelors in journalism to fall back on (as a bachelors in anthropology is kind of useless)

Anyway, i'm just trying to find as my opinions as possible. Thanks for listening.
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I would stick with the double major makes you more versatile in employment opportunities.

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