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Default Re: Martial arts part 2

Originally Posted by drummingman View Post
I waa thinking about martial arts again and i was thinking about weather doing punches over and over again into a heavy bag or hand pads would reduce suppleness in my wrists? If it would reduce suppleness suppleness in my wrists that could really hurt my drumming. The style that im looking to do would be muay thai or boxing.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this issue?
I have many thoughts on this issue.

Keep any large bag work to a minimum. Yes, you will damage yourself. As a former practitioner and highly ranked professional who now has arthritis from heavy bag work, I hope you follow my advice.

You are better off working on small bags. Develop speed over brute force. Remember Speed = Power.

Thai boxing is a very good style. I used to do a lot of it back in the day. I studied 32 styles and became an instructor in many of them. Some I never bothered to grade in but know the syllabus up to and beyond 3rd dan.

Here is a shot of me during a visit to a mate's house. I am in the air. Ignore the belt. It's my friends uniform. It's so strange that I only ever took photos during this period. There's about 20 years unaccounted for in my martial arts history with regard to images. It's the same with bands and gigs. I went through my album and you'd think I'd only been in one band. This photo is from many years ago now.

And develop control.

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