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Default Re: What would you pay??

I didn't know until yesterday that you could donate to DW when I first saw this thread. I hadn't ever even read anything in DrummerWorld Site News so I hadn't seen this before either.

Anyway I wrote to Bernhard with this idea today--I haven't heard back from him yet. After reading what all so many people here had to offer to Leo in Cuba, it seemed that a lot of us have a lot stuff sitting around that isn't being used. How would everyone feel about auctioning some of our stuff off here? The buyer could pay Bernhard directly through the donate button, and when payment is verified we could ship the item to the buyer. That way the buyer is getting something more then site participation, and the sellers would be doing something more the participating to support Bernhard and DW.

If anyone is interested, I'll start with a like new 12" Paiste Alpha Power Splash. It's in excellent condition. The terms of how long something would be up for auction will have to be determined by consensus, and I suppose international bids would be unreasonable, but I think it's an auction is good option to help support Bernhard where everyone makes out.

What do you think?
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