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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
What you have to ask yourself though is that is that all necessarily a bad thing?

East Bay Ray was the guitarist for the Dead Kennedys. You have no excuse!
I don't need an excuse. I'm an old biddy and proud of it! (or at least resigned to it). When I start getting cats I know it will be all over. For now I just borrow the moggy next door for my feline cuddle needs :)

No more band play a bad thing? Hell yeah. I love playing in bands. When I am in a practice studio with a bunch of musos I'm at home. I admit to a teensy bit of subjectivity here. The experience of band play is precious to me and if I holed up at home with Reason and churned out stuff I'd end up as a hermit. I also enjoy the physical aspect and challenges of playing music, even though I'm far better with the conceptual side.

I think many others will share that joy of physical music-making so I won't be alone there. I have a feeling that Robert Fripp's prediction of music moving towards "small intelligent units" is prophetic.
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