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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I think you're underrating the influence of people like East Bay Ray on styles of playing. Most of what I hear as 'new' movements are essentially rebellions against the 'order of things' but I haven't sensed that for at least a decade. Why? Well, you've covered that pretty well. What we do have is a small number of artists who work for themselves, but invariably they've been left well alone by the record labels.
Heh, I've not heard of East Bay Ray. I looked at YouTube and figure that I missed it because my old fartiness doesn't relate to it, even a bit. So it wouldn't surprise me if I understated it. Thanks for filling the hole :)

To look for where rebellion comes from I think you have to weigh up:

- What's big now
- The youthful creative urge.

If popular music is getting out reach for young people, then they say "stuff you" and do their own thing. Once the technical and logistical challenges of music become too great then you get a reductionist movement in the poor areas, which seems to be where most musical revolutions grow. That's why big kits and complex triggering solutions will be the targets for the next rebellious movements; they put music-making out of reach of the poor.

It could even be a quiet revolution as more people create music on their desktops instead of forming bands (cost of studios, noise laws, more condensed living etc). Then there's the rise of video and gaming and Rock Band etc.

Bands are being increasingly squeezed out of clubs and pubs by machines - be it DJs or gaming machines. I think the whole concept of band play is under threat. It's enough to make anyone nostalgic.
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