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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

LOL, could not have said it better myself, who takes music and puts that much BS into it? Come on man really, pffftt talk about your over bearing self righteous rubbish.
Just about everybody at this University, so it happens. If you want to talk about what music can do to people (lest you listen to other forms of music beyond your own scope) then it is very much worth talking about and is in now way 'over bearing' nor 'self righteous'. Ever listened to 'Threnody For the Victims of Hiroshima'? Thought not.

ut what about the early guitart laden rock, to the electronic music of the 80's, to rebirth of hard rock in the 90's with much less guitar dependence and soloing, to multiple genre's of metal, to the likes of rap and hip hop. Music has changed drastically over the last 40 years--for better or worse is for the individual to decide.
See, I don't think it has changed. This to me is the 'demographic' nature of the music business - Mozart was guilty of it as we are today (he wrote to commission after all) but that wasn't the sole nature of his output. It has changed in the last few years, but I am one who finds fault with the music industry for actually stagnating so many things. Rap - a great force for political change in the early 1980s (and this analogy holds with many 'new' forms) - was sanitised for the sake of mass-marketing. The same is true of so much of what I hear around me. Why's that? Well, the music industry playing it safe and consumers going along with it.
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