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Default Re: My Tamburo Original stave set(s)

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
A kit to cherish for life. Very, very special. I especially like the double kick setup.
Yes, I will definitely cherish it for life!

I am really in love with these old yet very modern Tamburo Original sets. Actually I own another Original kit - a walnut kit - which I cannot publish right now because it is still stored at a friend's place.

There is one thing which I find absolutely incredible: Tamburo Original were designed during the second half of the eighties, but in my opinion they still look very modern despite the fact that they do mount intrusive hardware (no RIMS suspension system). In fact, as far as I know Tullio Granatello was the first drum builder to extensively use small diameter yet deep bass drums with bass drum elevators and the first one (in modern drumset design) to adopt stave shells for the entire set. Additionally, the lug casings are very elegant and do not - or at least did not - compare to any other ones.

Finally, what really counts is the sound of the drums, and the Original shells have a very distinctive, precise and rich sound. Not only: these drums are very responsive and easy to tune and to play. I know that many top drummers (also American drummers) have Tamburo Original sets or snares, which they do not use easily in public because of their endorsement contracts with major brands.

Thank you everybody for the kind words.

Here a new picture taken with day light, which better shows the natural beauty of the set.
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