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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by Tutin
I saw some videos of Buddy soloing yesterday and to be honest (I know I'll probably get a slagging for this) but it just seemed to be constant speed, really fast rolls and no real groove. Impressive but very repetetive. The one handed roll is quite impressive.
I've got an old cassette tape of Buddy live at his club Buddy's Place. The opening tune is Chameleon, a Herbie Hancock piece. Buddy flat grooves his you-know-what off. In fact, he doesn't take a solo on any of the tunes on that recording. He just jams with the band. Buddy could do it all. Not slamming you or anything but man, check out some of his albums and dvd's(as rjvsmb mentioned, check out Live at the Montreal Jazz Fest) if you get the chance. You'll be amazed at how stinkin' good he was.
"Are you kidding me? All drummers are animals!"--Buddy Rich
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