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Default Re: Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

Originally Posted by donv View Post
The Deep Purple, Zeppelin debate seems to show up here every couple of months, but as you've pointed out, the deciding factor for me was the variety of styles Zeppelin played that DP never attempted.
Well, Deep Purple was a pleasure to the ears when they were firing on all 8 cylinders. That being of course when Gillan, Blackmore, and Paice were all getting along, which unfortunately was not that often. I think Ian might have had a better, more powerful vocal range than Plant, and Blackmore's lead solos probably had more musical complexity to them than Page's. Paice vs Bonham? Well, we might as well argue singles versus triplets to cover that one. But when it all came together, Deep Purple was no Led Zeppelin. They were excellent in their own right and I even like listening to some of their live reunions from the 1990s, but as a band in their heyday, they did not shine as bright and as long, and did not leave the overall artistic element and complete musical diversity that Zep did.
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