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Originally Posted by jivadayadasa View Post
Hey Derek, I have never played metal or double bass but your drumming and music has helped inspire me a lot. I am always getting cool ideas from you and taking them in different directions - Well, like I said, I don't play blast beats or metal but I will definitely get your dvd!

Thanks man!

Can you or someone here help me with this?

I'm trying to figure out some of your playing on a Youtube Namm 2009 (friday) clip. The grooves are at 1:24 and then 1:47. I play some things close to this but like on the second one your right hand on the hat is hard to figure and could sure use some help with transcribing. Thanks.

Hi Jiva...wish I could help you on that.....I haven't seen that vid in awhile and as much as I'd like to say "I knew what I was doing"....mostly, I have no idea! Haha.
Sometimes stuff just comes know?
You peaked my curiosity....I have to go look now! Haha.

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