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Originally Posted by Gretsch09 View Post
I was fortuante enough to be at the 2008 Modern Drummer Fest in NY last year. Your performance blew my mind. I remember you performed first on day two and it was way too early for me, being that I was vacationing in NYC! My head was pounding after the first nights festivities but it was still great. I was also lucky enough to win one of the door prizes that included a Meinl 14 inch filter china that you signed! It says "Blast On!" It hangs on the wall in my practice room now. What a cool, and unexpected gift! You should of seen my face when they called my seat number! I was completely shocked!
I think I DID see your face when they called the number! Haha. That would have been a cool experience...nothing like an unsuspected gift.
Cheers for the props brother.

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