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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hello Todd

Quick one:
General wonderment...I'm going back to the year 2000. You toured with REO right? In the part of the concert -towards the end- where you all join and trade songs and so hopped behind Bryan Hitts kit. So did you guys meet each other? You know kit-setup-wise? (Pardon my English, Todd) I mean obviously you flattend out the snare angle and stuff like that. Set the height of the throne maybe...I was just wondering because I find (and sure you as well) that the kit-setup is a very individual thing. I mean I couldn't play properly with another guy's setup. Especially if I insisted on getting the sound everyone in the audience expects right! ...I'm not familiar with Bryan's setup (shame on me:)) but I sure learned how you prefer things around you when you play...and there's where things don't match.

I hope you see what I'm trying to ask you there, Todd..I tend to phrase things a little least in English:) (..and by the way: you DID sound great back in 2000!!)

Thanks a lot man and cheers
from Bavaria..

P.S. Any news yet on the "european clinic, next year" - thing?

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