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Default Re: make money online

Originally Posted by Skitch View Post
Passive Income is the key. You mentioned somewhere about a dishwashing job and that is great. You will learn discipline and people skills in that world and you will take something away from that job which will be useful for the rest of your life. Take some of the money you make from the dishwashing job, and find a way to invest in something you know about. If you were into skateboarding for instance, find some skateboards to sell to younger kids or kids looking to get another skateboard. Try to turn a profit so that you can invest in more skateboards to sell and make a bigger profit. Take some of that profit and open a savings account and put some of that profit in your savings account.

One of my friends in high school wanted a 57 Chevy. They ran about $4000 in those days. John, we’ll call him, would work after school and then, with the money he saved bought like a Buick Skylark. Everyone laughed at John and mocked him, saying that his car wasn’t a 57 Chevy. They thought he was a dunce! John took that Buick and fixed a few things on it and turned the 500 dollars into 750 dollars. He kept doing this over and over until he bought a 57 Chevy two years later! He had a clear goal in mind!

I learned more from John than he ever learned from me!

I know two years seems like forever! But you will learn so much from doing this and you will rely on it for the rest of your life, giving you a can-do attitude and a sense of accomplishment that your generation needs badly!

This is exactly as i am working towards. I bought an 87 mazda truck for cheap, i have worked on it and upgraded it and repaired it and now its worth alot more that what i paid for it and put into it. I plan on selling my truck and upgrading to a newer truck with a bigger engine. having a plan can be the simplest way to suceed.

also as mike stated you can also work in what you are good at.
for instance i used my computers class in school to make some logos for our highschool marching band.
i used my pa system for a cheerleading competition (i got a few phone numbers too)

enjoy what you do or else you won't want to do it in the future. As strange as it sounds i love washing dishes at friendlys the people are awesome there and the work is what i'm looking for. but i would never want to work if i was a gasstation attendent because i don't like dealing with people i don't want to.

just keep looking and have fun with what you do.
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