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Default Re: Help with an academic issue

Originally Posted by RogerLudwig View Post
All this being said, I'd stay with a double major..there are so many college grads that write poorly. A degree in journalism may help you be a bettter anthropologist; one that can write and speak well.
Good advice; being able to write well can really open up doors (e.g. ability to attract grant funding). I just got back from Athens last night where I presented some research at a conference. (My research was funded from a grant that I won based on a well written and coherent research proposal.) I also picked up a nice little drum in Athens and jammed with some bouzouki musicians. With my PhD, I am able to travel the world, meet interesting people, eat fantastic food, visit great museums, and pick up ethnic percussion instruments. While it takes time and an incredible amount of effort to get a PhD, for me, the journey has been worth it.

My advice to you would be to do a double major and work towards a PhD in what ever area you finally decide. You might even want to focus on some aspect of drumming!

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