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Default Re: make money online

I'm 18. I've had an offical job for just over a year now washing dishes at the friendlys 7 miles away. I've bought my first truck with this money. i also have mowed grass and helped my dad renovate houses for him. I pay for absloutly everything i use, even the food that i eat. money is the least of my problems, i enjoy working, and as long as i have enough money to get around and drive to my 5ks and such i'm golden, my kit is not in the best shape but i resurfaced the kit myself. i repair my truck by my self, i asked for everything for christmas this year to go to charities because i don't need or want anything. get a job, join boyscouts or something like that to instill you with a few basic morals, the rest you have to develop your self, don't give up, and help people whenever you can. they will help you when you need it

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