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Default Re: make money online

Originally Posted by Njdrumma View Post
help me win 250 dollars by registering by this link
Mate.....there are no short cuts. If you want coin, you've gotta earn it. If you really think that by registering to this site, some muppet is just gonna give you - out of the goodness of thier own heart - $250, then you've been had my friend.

Be careful here....if I was feeling unscrupulous today I'd get you to PM me, for the 'deal of the century'. Just send me $100 and I'll turn it into a million for you (remember the Nigerian email scams??...good people actually sent money, guess was lost forever)..........but I actually want to see you get your pedals and cymbals. So I'll refrain from rogue-ish behaviour....many others WILL NOT be so kind. Time for you to open your eyes and keep your wits about you!

Save your cash mate......prisons are full of people who 'just wanted a quick buck'!!!

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