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Mark Ahle
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Default Led Zeppelin is Rediculous.

I'm 16. My dad brought me up listening to all the classic guys...The Who, Floyd, Allmans, Free, Bad Company...You get it. And I've always been into Zep. but the other day my dad gave me a whole stack of Zep CD's. L.Z. 1, 2, 3, and Houses of the Holy. Wow. I had really only listened to their hits before this, but when I ran through the whole CD on my dads Altec Lancing Model 19's, I realized something. EVERY SONG on their albums are absolutly amazing. These days, it's all about the HIt. Bands put out CD's with 1 Hit, and then 11 filler songs that suck. But Zep is something else. So innovative-so original. True Art. So far, I have ran through Led Zeppelin 1, 2, and Houses of the Holy, the latter being my favorite. These guys really blow my mind everytime I listen to them. I just thought I'd tell someone about my new found appreciation for the most influential band of all time.

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