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Default Re: make money online

Oh give the lad a break, he is only a baby, and if his parents have not instilled the work ethic into him its not his fault. What it must be to be young and arrogant and believe you are about to take the world by storm. However.....

Originally Posted by Njdrumma View Post
i am thankful for what i have, its just kind of depresing not to be able to get a decent double bass pedal and cymbals. Im holding back two bands at my school and were suppose to start playing metal stuff. I dont really wanna play stuff without double bass beacuse there is no one at school who wants to play other kinds of music that is good. But ill just wait it out and see what happens.
I think it has been said on other threads, it is not essential to have a double pedal or masses of cymbals to play metal. You can make an awesome sound on one pedal using the floor tom to fill in the gaps. If you are tight and loud and solid you can give the bands what they need. I have heard drummers play a single pedal like gunshots and sounding much more wicked that others who cannot use a double pedal properly. I am sure someone on this forum can give you a list of metal drummers that use a single pedal--study their style and work on that, because it looks as if its going to be a long time before you get the gear you are craving for.
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