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Originally Posted by Njdrumma View Post
i should be endorsed now ppl dont know it but im like the next thomas pridgen or something
I've never heard of you. Should I have? What recordings have you made that I would be familiar with? If your skills are as good as you say, Why can't you make money playing drums? And thinking you are good enough to have a company use you as an endorsee is a bit far fetched. Drum companies need people who are known, that can make them money. You endorse them, they don't endorse you. You have to draw a crowd or produce something that will put their product in a good light not put you on a stage. Finish your education, bang on your old cymbals for now, and when the time comes you will be able to buy things on your own and feel good about it. But if you do find a way to make 500 in one week be sure to come back and tell us how. Do you have any YouTube recordings we can see of your skills?
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