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Default Re: make money online

Originally Posted by Njdrumma View Post
ok so my dad lost his job and my mother has a job but its not making enough money for other things in our lives. I want to get new cymbals and a double bass pedal but they cant afford it. Any one know how i can make 500 dollars online in a week??
How about getting a job and using the money you earn to help out your folks? I mean, they've been paying for your food and rent and whatnot for the past how many years now? It just strikes me as odd that your parents are having a tough time financially, and you're concerned about not getting new drum stuff.

I don't think you'd be able to make a quick $500 in a week online, unless you're running a business that you've had for a while. Maybe you could call around to local studios and try to hook up with bands and make some money with your amazing drumming skills. Why do you need $500 in a week, anyways--what's the rush?
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